Mary Ellen Guiney is 30 years of age. She has a biochemistry degree from the National University of Galway, Ireland where she also rowed at home and internationally and won the All Ireland Championships in a crew boat.
  • Banks

    The banking system is still lending at an alarming rate and creating collateralised debt obligations which continuously get squared, thus adding to the financial crisis which seems to come around every eight years. Mortgages are the main culprit. The Government is encouraging this activity with little stringency attached. Fortunately the liquidity risk operations are aimed … Continue reading Banks


    The Governments are funding the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry to pump developed countries full of synthetic drugs to try and treat mental health and chronic disease. The majority of this is a money making scam. It is known that only 3% of chemotherapy treatments are actually successful. Drug induced therapy to treat mental health … Continue reading Governments


    Alot of individuals today are getting diagnosed as having bipolar which Mary Ellen’s late mother had. Doctors tend to think of the individual as being “high”, however alot of individuals classified as this are extremely intelligent, multi-disciplinary and are simply high on life as they tend to be quite positive individuals. 2015 was one of … Continue reading Bipolar

    Cancer & Motor Neuron Disease

    Laetrile (vitamin B17)   A kernel of truth   Cancer is unheard of in the Hunza Tribe which is on the northwestern border of Pakistan. Huge interest in their diet has therefore mounted in recent years. They follow a very balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and very little sugar. They are also … Continue reading Cancer & Motor Neuron Disease


    Cardiovascular disease refers to conditions that involve blocked arteries and blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack, angina or stroke. The natural heart rhythm may be offset and the muscles of the heart are strained which leads to a number of complications. Reducing smoking and alcohol along with a diversified healthy diet and … Continue reading CVD


      Diabetes is a metabolic disease which results from elevated blood sugar levels over a prolonged period of time. Symptoms include frequent urination, increased thirst and increased hunger. Long term side effects of this metabolic disease can have a huge impact on the heart and can cause CVD or stroke. Type 1 diabetes is a … Continue reading Diabetes


    High intensity interval training is recommended to athletes twice per week and involves short bouts of exercise which elevates the heart rate over a 10-20 minute period. It can be used in any form of exercise such as sprinting, cycling hills or swimming but also involves the use of kettlebells and other equipment. Periods of … Continue reading HIIT


    In order to compete at a competitive level for any sport it is recommended to do weights sessions twice per week. A person’s overall weight is expected to go up through these sessions however the build up of strength and muscle is more important to a person’s performance than being of an overall lower weight. … Continue reading Weights


    Rowing is an extremely challenging sport which requires a very strong mind and an intense training regime. It can be carried out solo in a skulling boat, but is more common as a team sport. The fitness for rowing is extremely different to swim, bike or run fitness but both can work very well together … Continue reading Rowing

    Ultra Marathons

    Ultra marathons aere becoming more popular today as well. Plenty of sports individuals who have participated in marathons around the world are now taking on feats of ultra-marathons to challenge themselves even more and they can start out at distances of running 100km and more. There are a group of sports enthusiasts in the north … Continue reading Ultra Marathons