Mary Ellen Guiney is 30 years of age. She has a biochemistry degree from the National University of Galway, Ireland where she also rowed at home and internationally and won the All Ireland Championships in a crew boat.
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    Mary has been a keen nutrition guru and experimental cook since an early age which was ingrained by her mother. She only has a thesis to complete on psychology and nutrition and will be qualified in her second masters in 2017. Her love for nutrition was developed further when her mother was taken ill with cancer and Mary likes to eat everything and also practices alternative nutrition in her own diet.

    Food Pyramid

    There are several different food guidelines out there in each country which promote the use of a food pyramid or food wheel. One of the biggest contributors to obesity is the huge amount of carbohydrate that is promoted while individuals adopt a relatively sedentary lifestyle. It is recommended to g

    Sports Nutrition

    Today alot of sports enthusiasts and body builders are promoting low carbohydrate and high protein diets in order to bulk up and participate in cross fit. Some body builders are encouraged to take in 200g of protein per day which can cause several heart and kidney problems as they are damaging to th


    Starvation affects those in the developing world but as above also affects those in developed countries who tend to choose a starvation based diet to look as thin as they can. Children and adults in the developing world suffer from malnutrition and display a large belly which is due to a lack of pro


    Anorexia affects alot of individuals today and is more common in teenage girls than any other age group, but it can occur at any time in life. It is a disease centred around control and it's progression is not helped by the media and how girls and boys should look based on peers such as celebrities


    Mary Ellen got involved with her mother's cooking from a very young age and has all of of mother's recipes in her head simply by participating and helping to cook family meals from a young age. All of these recipes are very balanced and nutritious and contain all of the three food groups and plenty

    Fresh Lavender is a good sleep inducer

    Lavender is a favourite for many people thanks to its pleasant, refreshing scent, and the many health benefits it brings. Cultivated in countries all around the world, it's easy to get some and use it yourself. While it's easier to use lavender oil, there are things you can do with fresh lavender, a

    Hieracium pilosella – an ancient remedy

    Centuries ago, many plants related to Hieracium pilosella were used in traditional herbal treatments all over Europe. Back then, they were consideredmiraculous remedies against lung diseases.Nowadays, even if their popularity has considerably decreased, such plants are still collected and used by so

    Medicinal Plants

    Medicinal plants can be used to treat almost any medical problem, as long as you follow a few simple rules and don’t neglect your treatment. After all, the active compounds in medicines are extracted from herbs. It may seem easier to go to the pharmacy whenever you have a problem, but wouldn’t

    Wild Medicinal Plants Used by Local Communities of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

    Neena Rani Boktapa* and Avinash Kumar Sharma  Non Wood Forest Products Division Forest Research Institute, Dehradun 248006 *Silviculture Division Forest Research Institute, Dehradun 248006 ninuboktapa@gmail.com  Issued: March 01, 2010  Abstract An ethnobotanical study was carried out in a

    8 Amazing Changes When You Cut Negativity from Your Life

    We all know the "meh" people of the world: The ones who complain about everything, never see the good in anything, and think that sharing any sort of happiness will "jinx" whatever it is they secretly want (just not enough to infuse it with the joy and gratitude it deserves).