Mary Ellen Guiney is 30 years of age. She has a biochemistry degree from the National University of Galway, Ireland where she also rowed at home and internationally and won the All Ireland Championships in a crew boat.
  • diabetic



    Diabetes is a metabolic disease which results from elevated blood sugar levels over a prolonged period of time. Symptoms include frequent urination, increased thirst and increased hunger. Long term side effects of this metabolic disease can have a huge impact on the heart and can cause CVD or stroke. Type 1 diabetes is a result of the pancreas’s failure to produce enough insulin, while type 2 diabetes is where individuals are insulin resistant. Prevention and treatment involves a healthy balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Reflexology and massage therapy are very useful tools in the treatment of the disease. Most anti-depressants and anti-psychotics add to diabetes as the drugs offset the homeostatic desire for food and cause an increase in appetite for refined carbohydrates with less energy available to exercise.

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