Mary Ellen Guiney is 30 years of age. She has a biochemistry degree from the National University of Galway, Ireland where she also rowed at home and internationally and won the All Ireland Championships in a crew boat.
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    Medicinal Plants

    Medicinal plants can be used to treat almost any medical problem, as long as you follow a few simple rules and don’t neglect your treatment. After all, the active compounds in medicines are extracted from herbs.
    It may seem easier to go to the pharmacy whenever you have a problem, but wouldn’t it be much more rewarding and exciting to know which plant can treat soreness, numbness, sleeplessness and so on? Stay informed and your knowledge may also be helpful for your loved ones.
    And another thing: aside from their curative properties, these medicinal plants also have a few other tricks up their sleeve. Some of them work as pesticides, some others can keep flies away from your bedroom and so on. Read more and remember: stay healthy, stay positive!

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