Mary Ellen Guiney is 30 years of age. She has a biochemistry degree from the National University of Galway, Ireland where she also rowed at home and internationally and won the All Ireland Championships in a crew boat.
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    Rowing is an extremely challenging sport which requires a very strong mind and an intense training regime. It can be carried out solo in a skulling boat, but is more common as a team sport. The fitness for rowing is extremely different to swim, bike or run fitness but both can work very well together to build up an intense fitness programme. The major muscle groups used in rowing are in the legs, then the back and then the arms. Sodium bicarbonate is sometimes recommended to rowers which may aid in the process of increasing the lactate threshold so that the pain to the legs is less severe when rowing at high intensities. Ergs are known as indoor rowing machines which are very helpful to build up fitness and for use in the colder months. It is a low impact exercise with very little injury ever experienced.

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