Mary Ellen Guiney is 30 years of age. She has a biochemistry degree from the National University of Galway, Ireland where she also rowed at home and internationally and won the All Ireland Championships in a crew boat.
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    Sports Nutrition

    Today alot of sports enthusiasts and body builders are promoting low carbohydrate and high protein diets in order to bulk up and participate in cross fit. Some body builders are encouraged to take in 200g of protein per day which can cause several heart and kidney problems as they are damaging to the cellular process and encourage ageing. A 60kg woman should take in 60g – 100g of protein based on her level of activity while a man should take in anywhere from 70g – 150g depending on their workout regime. Carbohydrates should be used as the main source of fuel and the water retention that comes with carbohydrate consumption is not necessarily a bad thing as it keeps all of the cells hydrated in the body and allows for maximal performance. One molecule of glycogen attracts 4 molecules of water and this then keeps the body fully hydrated. Sports nutrition should be centered around roughly 60% carbohydrate consumption, 20% protein and 20% fat.

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