trENDing Stigma??


trENDing Stigma

BSc Biochemistry 2008. Additionally ten years of research into antipsychotics and neurochemistry.

Acclaimed psychiatrists studied such as, Kenneth Kendler, Joanna Moncrieff, David Healy, Peter Breggin and renowned science journalist and writer Robert Whitaker.

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What I Can do for You



I will provide you with evidence-based information to help guide you on the impacts of food and overall nutrition on physical health and mental well-being. I have a scientific background having graduated with a BSc in Biochemistry and furthering my education with an MSc in Food Nutrition & Health.

Exercise Enhancement

Sound nutrition begins with a regular exercise routine. Exercise is not only effective at boosting the metabolism and reducing fat tissue, but it also enhances the ‘feel good’ hormones within the nervous system. When we boost norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin from a regular exercise routine, we immediately crave more of those ‘feel good’ hormones from food.


As a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor, you can rest assured that I will guide you through the postures in a safe and beneficial manner which will lead one to a calm and healthy mind. After all, for the majority of us it's the ‘stilling’ of the mind which is required. This of course, in time, leads us to a state of meditation and peace within.


Meditation allows us to achieve balance between our right and left channels, in order to adopt alignment within the central channel. Regular practice allows us to master the present.
Reiki & Shamanism

Reiki & Shamanism

The idea of Reiki, or awakening the kundalini energy is to create unity between our left and our right brain. Regular Reiki practice activates the central channel which is focused on the present. The central channel allows for growth, detachment, peace and silence. As the central channel grows bigger, we can nurture all of our seven chakras more by opening up blockages within these energy centres.

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BSc Biochemistry; MSc Nutrition

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